Do You Want Effective Water Damaged Carpet Repair Sydney?

Excessive moisture deteriorates the fabric of the carpets leading to mould growth and accumulation of dust and germs. Many people rely on DIYs, but home remedies work on the surface level and cannot eliminate these issues properly. As a result, it turns into a severe headache after a few months.

If you are facing such an issue, we have good news for you! Our water-damage carpet services are available in Sydney. Our specialist teams will help you to get rid of this issue as early as possible with our industry-grade equipment and certified products.

One of our carpet water damage Sydney teams will assess the situation and recommend the best treatment to eliminate excessive moisture and bring back the shine of your carpets.

If you are in urgent need of carpet water damage repairs, Metro Carpet Repair Sydney experts are available 24/7 to offer same-day service in your locality. Please feel free to call us and schedule an appointment at your convenience time

Sources of water or flood damage

Your carpet can be damaged by different sources like leakage of the dishwasher, washing machine overflow, pipe burst, floodwaters or clogged toilets. These can cause terrible damage to your interior, carpets and electrical devices. It is better to know the sources and it can prevent further such accidents.

Here are the categories of water damages depending upon their source

First Category:

Water flow by sources like sink leakage, broken pipes or malfunctioning of washing machine or dishwasher.

Second Category:

This category includes water with chemicals or contaminants that can cause discomfort or minor health issues like illness. The sources can be the same as the first category but they may have chemicals included. This greywater can blow off from dishwashers, toilets or washing machines. This is more harmful than first category water damage.

Third Category:

In this category, the water carries some harmful agents that are unsanitary. It may cause health threats to humans and pets. This water is called black water. It can be medical waste liquid, manufacturing waste or toilet backflow. The water from the second category can turn into the third category if not treated immediately. You must call Metro Carpet Repair Sydney immediately if you have your carpet damaged by all these categories. We provide the best solutions to water damaged carpet repair in Sydney.

Another category:

In this, the water may contain materials like mercury, arsenic, lead and so on. It can be more dangerous than all the categories mentioned above.

Classification of water damaged carpets

The classification of the damage can be done based on the rate of evaporation. It is important to know the class or type of water damage before repairing it.

Our experts help you to understand the process. Hence, here we have given the classes of water damages for you to understand the depth of the damage. It helps us to determine the cause and come up with the best suitable solution.

Class 1

In this type, the evaporation rate is slow and hence the substance has minimum moisture. It may not create a big buzz of damage on your carpet.

Class 2

The evaporation rate here is fast, so it may harm the walls between 12 to 24 inches. This water damage can affect the carpet and entire room.

Class 3

In this class, the rate of evaporation is the fastest. The source of this water can be pipes, electrical conduits, ceiling or so on. It can affect the entire structure of your place.

Class 4

Substances with low porosity have different drying conditions. These substances like paster, brisk, stone wood or concrete can be a bit different to handle.

Methods followed by our experts for water damaged carpet repair in Sydney

Our certified and licenced professionals have a way of doing things. To make you familiar with those methods, here is a list of methods we choose:

1. Evaluation of the damaged carpet and its cause

First of all, our experts evaluate the damage caused and the reason behind it. They inspect your place to know the depth of damage. It helps us to plan our work. So, our professionals inspect the place, categories the source of water and then decides the class of water damage. By knowing the extent of damage, we can come up with the best-customized solution that will work for you.

2. Finding a suitable solution for the case

After evaluating the damage, our technicians then find a suitable and reliable solution for water damaged carpet repair in Sydney. We also tell you the cost and time for the solutions.

3. Water extraction procedure

By using advanced tools and types of equipment, our technicians extract the water out of the carpet. It helps our professionals for further procedure. Once the water is out of the carpet, all we have to take care of is the cleaning process.

4. Mould control

Moulds grow on dampness. So water damages can lead to dampness and it may help the moulds to grow. But you do not need to worry, our experts will remove the moulds by using antimicrobials.

5. Dehumidification

Water damages bring dampness and humidity. After water extraction, our experts dehumidify the carpet to avoid the growth of bacteria and other issues.

6. Removal of stains

Removing stains and making the carpet look fresh is a crucial part of our procedure too. If your carpet is repaired but has stains then it may be embarrassing to have such a carpet. It will simply ruin the look of your house.

7. Resteching

In some cases, restretching of the carpet is important to avoid lumps or bubbles under the carpet.

8. Moisture check

After completing the overall process, our technicians again check the moisture to ensure a healthy warmth of the carpet.

9. Steam cleaning with sanitisers

We clean the carpets with the help of sanitisers. It eliminates the minor remaining bacterias and unbearable odour.

10. The outcome

After going through this lengthy procedure, our professionals give you a satisfactory and guaranteed result.


1. How much time does it take for water damaged carpet repair in Sydney?

It all depends on the damage. But we at Metro Carpet Repair Sydney provide emergency services so you can call us immediately and our experts will look after the matter in no time.

2. Do you provide services at reasonable prices?

Yes. Our services are highly reasonable and budget-friendly. Once our experts look into the issue, we give you the actual amount for the repair.

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