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If you are facing issues with carpets and cannot repair them with home remedies,  it is time to rely on our experts for effective carpet torn repair services. Our experts clean the carpets and eliminate burnt areas, holes, torn sections, and wrinkles to make the items long-lasting. We also use scissors to sew the loose threads after repairing the damage.

Repair torn carpet is easy! We are available 24/7 in Sydney and offer same-day service even in remote areas. If you need our service for residential or commercial premises, we have a suitable package for you. All our carpet repair services are affordable.

Our Metro Carpet Repair Sydney service helps you to fix torn carpets within a few hours of a confirmed booking. If you want to learn more about our services, please call us for an inspection. Our service experts are available even on the weekends and public holidays so that you can schedule an appointment at your convenient time. Do you want reliable and effective service at your doorstep? Call us.

The best techniques suggest by our professionals to fix torn carpet issue

Carpet torn can be fixed by several techniques. At Metro Carpet Repair Sydney, we have a team of excellent technicians to look after your carpet’s torn. However, here are some best ways to fix the carpet’s torn:

Use of Carpet Tape

Our professionals know how to effectively use carpet tape to fix carpet torn. This is one of the most used technique. In this way, our professionals use carpet tape on the torn area and press a heavy object to attach the tape to both edges of carpets.

Carpet Gue

Using carpet gue is one of the best ways to fix the torn carpet. Our professionals at Metro Carpet Repair Sydney use carpet gues for carpet torn repair in Sydney. To attach the edges, they use gue and fix the issue.

Using the thread of another area

Apart from gue and tape, there are other effective methods too. Our technicians are highly skilled in the area of repairing carpet torn. One of the most effective methods is to attach another area of the carpet to the torn area. We use high-quality material to fix your carpet’s torn and make it more reliable.

Sewing the edges

Sewing is one of the basic techniques to fix minor carpet torn. Though, it needs a technician’s mind to work on this method. This method of sewing the edges of torn carpet can only be used in case of minor carpet torn. In this method, the technicians sew the edges of the torn carpet.

Hacks followed by our professionals for Carpet torn repair in Sydney

Our professionals at Metro Carpet Repair Sydney follows hacks and tips to sustain your carpet’s life even after it gets torn. Here are some of the hacks and tips followed by our technicians while repairing the torn carpets:

Our professionals clean the carpet after they are done with fixing the issue of torn carpet. This key tip helps your carpet to have a fresh new look. It also detached the dirt and debris attached to the torn area.

If your carpet is torn and wet then it will be major trouble. To avoid this, our technicians dry the wet carpet before applying the methods to repair the torn area of the carpet. If the torn area is dry, there won’t be any trouble while repairing it.

Technicians at Metro Carpet Repair Sydney have a habit of cutting down the extra threads coming out of the torn area. We use scissors for it. Our experts do not pull the threads. Pulling the thread can increase the damage.

One must not use sharp objects on the torn area. It may create further damage to the carpet. To prevent this loss, our experts make sure they are handling the matter with utter care.

Why Choose Us?

Metro Carpet Repair Sydney is the best company that provides high-quality services for carpet torn repair in Sydney. We offer the best services at affordable pricing.

Our technicians are highly qualified with the skills and knowledge of carpets. They are the best people to take care of your carpets.

We have 24/7 customer support services and our dedicated team works in emergencies as well as can finish up your work within a day.

We value the money and time of our customers by providing quick and best services at a reasonable price.


1. How to fix the torn carpet?

You can use carpet tape or glue to fix the torn carpet. However, there are chances of you getting messed up in the process. The best way to fix the torn carpet is to call professionals of Metro Carpet Repair Sydney for carpet torn repair in Sydney.

2. How much time does it take for technicians to repair torn carpet?

Our technicians at Metro Carpet Repair Sydney are highly skilled. They can fix your torn carpet within 1 or 2 hours. All you have to do is, contact us and book our services of carpet torn repair in Sydney.

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