Quick Carpet Burn Repair Service in Sydney

Looking for carpet burn repair service? You can trust the services offered by Metro Carpet Repair Sydney. Our team of professionals use patching technique to cover the burnt areas. The damage done by hot iron, candles and cigarettes can be mended with help of this technique. In patching, we cut the burn area in a proper shape and take the measurement of the hole. Now, we take out a patch of the same size from a donor carpet. The patch is glued or stitched on the burnt portion.

In carpet burn repair Sydney, we are able to keep the size and form intact. No matter where you live in Sydney, we would reach your office or house to deliver the service. Our team specialists can repair all kinds of carpets at affordable prices. The carpet burn repair treatment is available on weekends as well. Whether you need this service on the same day or on any other day, we will always be there for you.

To fix carpet burns in Sydney, you can seek help from our experts. The booking is open 24×7. It can be done online easily. To make an appointment, you can get in touch with us.

Technicians at Metro Carpet Repair Sydney follow several authentic methods to repair the damaged and burnt carpet. If you want to try your hands at repairing a burnt carpet then you can follow these same steps by our experts.

Here are some basic steps by our professionals to repair carpet burns:

1. Cutting of the burnt area

First of all, you have to cut the damaged area. However, you have to be careful to cut more than the damaged area so the new patch will easily fit in the burnt area of the carpet. Our professionals cut the burnt area in a rectangular shape to avoid misshapen patchwork.

2. Cleaning of leftover threads

When you cut the damaged area, it is natural to have ripped threads. One must clear out these leftover threads with the use of a sharp scissor. Our professionals clean the area so they can start with the patchwork effectively.

3. Selecting suitable patches

After cutting the burnt area and clearing out the leftover threads, you must search for suitable patches. You have to take the measurements of the cut area and get a patch of the same size and material.

4. Final patchwork

The last step in this process is to attach the patch to the burn area. After finding the suitable patch, you have to attach it to the carpet with carpet tape.

How to avoid burns in carpets?

Burns can look awful on your beautiful carpet. It spoils the entire look of the interior. However, you can prevent it before it’s too late. Knowing the reason behind the burns can help you to be more careful.

Tips by our experts to prevent Carpet Burns

– Avoiding lightning candles on the carpets. It may fall on the carpet and burn it.

– Try to avoid smoking on carpets as cigarette buds are a common cause of carpet burns. You can smoke outside or have a smoking zone or be very careful with cigarette burns.

– Some electronic gadgets like curlers, straighteners or curlers can also create a problem. These gadgets can be the cause of mighty burn holes.

Why hire us for carpet burn repair in Sydney?

Choosing professionals for carpet burn repair always helps you in several ways. It saves your money on buying a new carpet, efforts to solve the issue and time as we at Metro Carpet Repair Sydney provide quick services.

Here are some perks of choosing us for carpet burn repair in Sydney:

We have a team of experts that are well-trained and highly qualified as well as skilled.

We use modern techniques and advanced tools to repair your carpet.

We at Metro Carpet Repair Sydney believe in customer-centric services. Hence, we have 24/7 customer support services.

In case of emergency, our experts can reach you within a few hours.


1. Should I change the carpet after my carpet gets burnt?

No. Depending on the situation, you must think of calling Metro Carpet Repair Sydney for best carpet burn repair in Sydney. Changing the carpet can be costly, whereas, carpet burn repair is affordable and quick.

2. Is it mandatory to get the carpet burns repaired?

Yes. Carpet burns spoil the look of the home or office. It looks shabby and can be a passageway for  insects or moisture.

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