Carpets are bound to get damaged no matter how cautious you remain. But, the good news is- minor damages can be repaired by carpet patch repair Sydney. You can try mending your carpet at home or hire experts for the same.

This is one most economical methods that can preserve your carpets while boosting their lifespan. Moreover, carpet patching is a simple procedure and you don’t need to be an expert for repairing your prized possession.

So, if you want to try carpet mending Sydney then there are a few things you must know before you start!

What Causes Carpet Damage

Carpets go through a lot. They are continuously walked upon and become a victim of sharp tools, pet nails, kid toys, spills, and burns. These are the most common problems that can be fixed with carpet patch repair. Some other causes are:

  • Stains
  • Burns
  • Fadedness
  • Uneven wearing
  • Pet damage

Supplies You Need For Carpet Mending Sydney

For performing carpet patch repair at home, you need to gather a few supplies, and these are:

  • Carpet knife
  • Carpet tape with double side adhesive
  • Donor carpet
  • Old comb or seam roller

Step-by-step Guide for Carpet Patch Repair

Inspect the Damage

When inspecting the damage, you need to look at the intensity of damage done to your carpet. Is the hole big? Are the stains beyond repair? Can it be done at home or require professional assistance?

Answer to all these questions will come out when you assess the damaged carpet. If the damage is minor and can be repaired at home, then proceed to the next step.

Find the Donor Carpet

A donor carpet needs to be the new variant of the same carpet. If the patches are taken from any other variant of discolored carpet it will affect the overall look of your valuable carpet.

For finding a patch, you just need to take out some excessive cut-out portion of the carpet, if you have any. Else, you can cut out a patch from the area that remains hidden from underneath your bed or couch.

If you don’t want to damage your carpet, then try to contact your nearest carpet store and ask them for a spare piece that visually matches your carpet.

Mark the Damaged Area

Now take a pencil or a marker and mark the area that needs to be removed from the carpet. Be cautious with the marking, as some markers can leave permanent stains on your carpet, so choose wisely.

Cut Out The Damaged Portion

Using a carpet knife cut out the damaged portion of your carpet. Make sure the shape of your cut out part is in squares or rectangles, as these are easier to cut and replace when performing carpet patch repair. Remove the cut-out part and clean the threads if there are any and move to the next step.

Fix Donor Carpet

Measure the cut-out of the damaged part of the carpet and use it to mark the new patch. Place it on the top of the donor carpet and carefully cut out the same size that can be fixed to the carpet.

The threads of the carpets run in one direction. You can try running your hands to find the pile direction. Therefore, before placing the donor carpet piece on the carpet, check its direction.

Put on Carpet Tape

After you have measured the size of the patch and found out the pile direction, it is time for carpet patching. You need to use the double-sided carpet tape on the carpet patch and place it on the cut-out portion.

Don’t make any mistakes as you may be required to re-apply the tape. Make sure you use the tapes adequately while assuring the patch remains firmly fixed.


For blending the carpet, just brush the carpet or use a comb. Else rub the carpet fibers so they can blend in perfectly.

Final Words

Now that you know all the important things about carpet patch repair Sydney, go on and fix your damaged carpets at home. If you are not confident yet about your carpet mending skills then rely on Metro Carpet Repair Sydney.

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