Your carpets are walked on every day. This dust settlement, shoes, and sharp tools often tear your carpets apart. Different tools can do different kinds of carpet damage.

Carpet tears are among the worst kind of damages that require quick carpet torn repair services. Unfortunately, many carpet owners consider replacing their carpet as soon as they notice a tear. To your surprise, you can fix torn carpets at home with simple tools.

Let’s look at the 3 ways to repair torn carpets at home!

Fixing Small Carpet Torn

Small carpet tears can happen because of any small tool or nails of your pets. These are nearly invisible but can expand if not taken care of on time. Here’s how you can fix small carpet tears.

  • Lift Carpet- use a ruler or any other flat item to lift the carpet. Inspect the condition of your carpet properly.
  • Apply an Adhesive- fold your carpet and check the size of the carpet tear. Now apply an adhesive to tear. Push the carpet back and press it down. Later on, cut the heat-activated carpet tape a few inches longer than the size of the tear and apply it to the bottom of the tear.Now heat a steam iron and apply it to the torn-up area of the carpet. The heat melts the adhesive that holds the carpet tightly.
  • Attach the Fibers- The adhesive fixes up the base of the carpet however, the torn-up threads remain visible from above. You need to fix the carpet threads individually. You can use superglue for fixing each thread of the carpet. Feel free in trying the method yourself or rely on experts for carpet torn repair Sydney.

Large Carpet Tear Repair

Your carpet goes through a lot of wear and tear. Some tools and accidents can enlarge your carpet tears. Even your carelessness in taking care of minor cuts can expand your carpet damage. Don’t worry, even large tears can be fixed at home, and here’s how you can do it:

  • Lift Your Carpet- if your carpet is attached to the wall using a tack strip, then you need to remove it for fixing your carpet tears. Fold back the carpet so the entire torn-up area can be seen clearly.
  • Sew Your Carpet Tears- Use a thread that matches the color of your carpet and carpet needle for sewing up the tears. Keep a check on the threads that they don’t remain too noticeable as you fix up the carpet tear.
  • Apply Adhesive- apply some latex adhesive on the tear. Make a wave-like design using the adhesive so it holds the carpet together securely. After the adhesive dries out use a knee kicker for placing the carpet back, using a tack strip.

Fixing Multiple Tears

When you have pets at home, your carpets will likely have multiple tears. Repairing multiple carpet tears is possible to an extent by carpet patching technique. And, here’s how you can fix it:

  • Outline the Torn Area- Draw a square around the cuts of the carpet using chalk. Now measure the length and breadth of the square and cut the piece out. Use a carpet knife for taking out the damaged portion and be careful with the carpet underlay.
  • Find a Donor Carpet- Your donor carpet can be your existing carpet. During the installation of a new carpet many pieces are released as waste, you should collect them and keep them stored. Just take out some pieces of carpet and measure them based on the cutouts you have.
  • Fix the Patch- It is time to fix the patch on the cut-out portion. Use double-sided tape to fix the patch on the underlay of the carpet. Using a comb, blend the fibers to give a great finishing to the carpets.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you understand the different tricks you can use to repair torn carpets at home. Feel free in trying these hacks yourself or hire experts for carpet torn repair Sydney.

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