Anyone with a carpet at their home will tell you, carpet is an ageless flooring option that offers elegance and comfort. Like most household items, time can take a toll on your valuable carpeting in several ways. Fortunately, there is a way to restore damaged carpets to their original condition. Professional fix carpet repair technicians use the carpet stretching technique to flatten the carpet to its original condition.

Understanding Carpet Stretching  

It may be a phrase that many people are unaware of, but it is quite simple. Carpet stretching is a process that involves applying multi-directional pull and re-securing the ends or anchoring them to the tacks along the perimeter of the room. Easy, right?

Now let us look for reasons why you may need a carpet stretching Sydney service.

The Most Common Reasons for Ripple and Waves on The Carpet  

Poor or Improper Installation 

One of the main reasons for carpets to become loose in less than a year or three is due to poor installation. When the carpeting is laid on the floor, it must be installed using a power stretcher for maximum pull. Unfortunately, several carpet repair services providers skip this and use a knee kicker to finish the job in less time.

The professional carpet installers are paid per yards/sq.ft., they are installed in a day. Therefore, most of them rush through their job and compromise the quality of the service. Installing carpet using a knee kicker may look good at first, but the annoying waves will appear quicker than expected. Plus, poor carpet installation can hamper the warranty of your carpets too.

So, if you notice ripples on your carpet, do not delay! Call professional fix carpet repair technicians to stretch your carpet and make it free from ripples.

Moisture and Humidity 

Carpets have multiple layers of backing that are held together using latex. Excessive humidity and moisture can cause the latex to absorb dampness and lose its shape. If the carpeting is not tight, ripples may appear. We have seen some instances of carpets getting wrinkles after the cleaning service. It is certainly not the fault of the cleaner, the carpet needs to be stretched. Fortunately, most of the time, the bubble disappears once the carpet dries.

Heavy Furniture and Loose Tack Strips 

Dragging furniture across rooms can damage the carpet and lead to wrinkles. Therefore, it is always advisable to use sliders to pick up and move heavy furniture. Also, with regular usage, tack strips may become loose and cause the carpet to bubble up over some parts. You can hire a professional carpet stretching Sydney technician to stretch and reinforce the wooden strip to the wood floor or concrete.

Heavy Traffic Areas and Delamination  

Delamination is a situation when the latex holding the carpet together breaks down. Heavy foot traffic, harsh solvent use, or water damage can cause delamination. If you feel that the carpet has lost its comfort in hallways or near the door, then get in touch with a professional carpet repair services provider. If the carpet issues are resolved at the earliest, it can extend the life of the flooring and maintain the warmth of the house.

Wear and tear in the carpet can be caused due to several reasons. Much like cleaning, carpet stretching is essential.

Have you noticed your carpet bubbling up in certain places around the house? Has your carpet coming up at the doorways? Then it is time for you to contact a professional carpet stretching Sydney company. The longer you wait, the worse it may become!

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